Day 60: What happened on Day 44

I wasn’t sure I wanted to write about this on day 44. As I wasn’t sure if it’d stick, but it did. It’s a good thing.

I woke up on Day 44 and just stopped caring if I had Bell’s Palsy. Oh I still had it. I hadn’t gone away – not in the least. It’s just that I was tired of dealing with it mentally, I think. So, other than avoiding some food (large sandwiches, anything chewy, etc.) – I began resuming my normal worries and soldiering on.

I began reading the morning paper again to my wife. My spoken words had only improved from practice, not from getting any better.

I began thinking about work projects and all sorts of other things that Bell’s Palsy had previously taken over in my mind. It felt like a weight was lifted. It just happened.

I still have Bell’s Palsy. I still get people saying they see improvement and suggestions for cures. I still tear up. I still get tired of talking by day’s end. I still  watch what I eat -what’s easier to eat, not what’s good for me. But the worries about B.P. are gone. At least for now. Well, they have been for about two weeks anyway.

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